Shipping and return policies for María Pien

Shipping Info
CDs will be shipped from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Unless you order it on a holiday, or during the weekend, it will usually be shipped on the next day or within two-three days.
I will use CORREO ARGENTINO to mail your order, so it will be handled by your local courier provider once it arrives (i.e. USPS in the US). If you want me to use a private courier & cargo company, the extra cost will be at your expense and you will have to specify it when purchasing.
Packages will take between 10 days and a month to arrive to different parts of the world! If you have country-specific questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at
Return Policy
I will not take responsibility for lost items, or envelopes that arrive in poor condition due to mishandling by courier providers. However, if your copy of the CD is somehow damaged and cannot be played, please e-mail me and we'll figure something out! (either a refund or a replacement of your copy). Please understand that I am an independent artist and I'm doing everything myself :) so if any problems arise I will do my best to solve them within my possibilities.